The Wellness Cooperative at Fortunato Court was conceived with business’s namesake in mind. Fortunato Santullo was the grandfather of the Co-op’s founder, and the man who built Fortunato Court, brick by brick. A stone and brick mason, Fortunato, or “Freddy,” as he was known locally, was an Italian immigrant who believed in the power of faith, family and entrepreneurship. Although he was a laborer by trade, his mind for business, and his vision for a legacy to leave behind for generations were far beyond his humble beginnings.

With his vision in mind, the Cooperative seeks to build on the principles he lived by, which were to always strive to better yourself, to empower yourself with knowledge, and be an active contributor to your community. The image of him building what is now to main building in Fortunato Court serves as a reminder that we are all capable of building the life we want. The Wellness Cooperative at Fortunato Court is here to support you in that journey!